Tooth Removal / Extractions Call Today To Relieve Dental Pain
  • Remove teeth that are causing pain or problems
  • Choose the best way to replace your tooth
  • Feel relaxed during treatment with sedation

Preserve Your Smile With a Gentle Tooth Removal in Vancouver

Naturally, you want to keep all your teeth as long as possible. But when removing a tooth is the best option for your oral health, you can trust the team at Oasis Dental to do the job as gently as possible. Our experts will make sure your tooth removal in Vancouver helps you:

  • Put an end to your dental pain so you feel better
  • Protect your other teeth and gums from further damage
  • Avoid the need for more extensive dental work
  • Bite and chew your food comfortably again
  • Keep your oral and overall health on the right track

To find out if removing a tooth will ease your pain, call us today at 360-226-8264. You’ll find our office on Southeast 15th Street, not far from Big Al’s. We’re open for early morning appointments. In addition, there’s a number on our answering machine message to reach a dentist after hours.

Stay Calm & Comfortable with Your Choice of Sedation

We’ll always try to save a patient’s damaged tooth, as it’s best to leave a natural tooth in place whenever possible. However, if it can’t be saved or if leaving it in could put other teeth and gums at risk for disease, it is better to remove it.

In those cases, there’s no better place to go than Oasis Dental. Our team has removed many teeth over the years, so you can feel confident in our abilities. We can also extract your wisdom teeth, whether they are impacted or not. Plus, if you’re nervous about your procedure, you’ll have your choice of sedation options:

  • Inhaled sedation with laughing gas
  • Oral conscious sedation in pill form
  • IV sedation that will put you in a “twilight” state

We’ll make sure you’re completely numb and relaxed before any work is done.

Replace Your Missing Tooth For Best Results

After your tooth removal procedure, we will probably recommend that you replace your missing tooth as soon as possible. Without a tooth in place, your other teeth can shift positions, potentially causing bite problems. You can replace any number of teeth with options like:

  • Dental Implant and Crown – This is the preferred method of tooth replacement for one missing tooth. The implant acts as a substitute tooth root and helps keep your jawbone healthy.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – To fill gaps in your smile and make it easier to chew, you can get either a traditional bridge or one that’s supported by implants, depending on how many teeth you need to replace.
  • Dentures – Replace a full arch of teeth with traditional or implant-supported dentures that stay firmly in place. We can even provide you with replacement teeth the same day of your extraction procedure.

Count on our expert team to perform your gentle tooth removal in Vancouver! Call Oasis Dental today at 360-226-8264 to make an appointment. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

The cost for a tooth extraction can vary depending on the tooth and other factors. Once our team has had a chance to examine your mouth and take digital images to determine a treatment plan, we could give you an accurate estimate of your tooth extraction. We do offer financing options if you’d like to set up a payment arrangement for your care.

How long does it take a tooth extraction to heal?

Recovery times can vary, but healing time is approximately seven to 10 days for most extractions. You play a big role in your healing by the types of foods you eat and your activity level while you heal. The closer you follow the guidelines we give you for your aftercare, the shorter your healing time will be.

Does a tooth extraction hurt?

Rest assured that our team will do all we can to make sure your tooth extraction is as comfortable as it can be. We’ll thoroughly numb the area we’re working on so you don’t feel any discomfort. Plus, you can take your pick of relaxing sedation options if you want. Our goal is for you to have a pleasant dental experience with us.

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