Sleep Better by Treating Your Sleep Apnea in Ridgefield

Despite the jokes about your snoring, it’s no laughing matter if you have sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that can lead to frequent headaches and irritability as well as an increased risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and heart disease, and strokes.

Treating your sleep apnea in Ridgefield, WA can help you by:

  • Letting you breathe freely while you sleep
  • Allowing you to get deep sleep
  • Giving you more energy during the day
  • Providing a more convenient alternative to a CPAP machine
  • Stopping your snoring so your loved ones can sleep, too

Start waking up feeling refreshed after a good night of healthy sleep. Call Oasis Dental at 360-869-0795 to schedule a sleep apnea consultation. Remember, second opinions are free.

Choose a Simple, Convenient Sleep Apnea Solution

When you have obstructive sleep apnea, your airway becomes blocked, which can cause up to hundreds of breathing stoppages each night. This can leave you gasping for breath and alarming your spouse or significant other. You need to keep your airway open to treat sleep apnea. There are two ways to do this:

  • CPAP — This machine pushes pressurized air through a mask into your airway. Unfortunately, many people find the mask irritating, the tubing frustrating, and the noise of the machine distracting.
  • Oral Appliance — Another way to keep your airway open is by wearing a custom appliance that shifts the position of your lower jaw. This doesn’t make any noise, and it does not require any electricity to work. It’s also easier to bring with you when you travel for work or on vacation.

Recognize Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Loud snoring is often the first effect of sleep apnea that people notice because it affects your family and friends. Snoring isn’t the only sign that you may have this sleep disorder, however. You should talk to us if you have more than one of these signs:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Becoming annoyed easily
  • Trouble staying focused on work or other tasks
  • Feeling tired instead of refreshed when you wake up
  • Excessive fatigue throughout the day
  • Waking up with a dry mouth

Don’t wait to get relief. Talk to one of our general dentists about treating sleep apnea in Ridgefield, WA with a custom-made oral appliance. Call Oasis Dental at 360-869-0795. You can also schedule an appointment online.