Smile Confidently & Eat Comfortably with Teeth Implants

Missing teeth impact people physically, mentally, and emotionally. This can interfere with your pleasure of life and produce uncertainty about yourself in professional and individual relationships. Oral implants can fix all of these issues. With La Center, WA dental implants, you can:

  • Restore your powerful bite and capability to chew
  • Revive your sense of self-esteem
  • Feel confident that your brand-new teeth won’t slip around in your mouth
  • Revitalize your self-confidence in personal and professional relationships

At Oasis Dental, your dentist wants your brand-new teeth to look, feel, and work as well as healthy, normal teeth. You obtain the advantage of our years of experience and training in teeth replacements when you come in for an assessment. Together, we can develop a strategy to put your smile back on track and set the stage for your long-term oral health.

The most effective services will depend upon how many teeth you will replace. You can rebuild your smile with these services:

  • Crown With an Implant — This is essentially a complete artificial tooth with the dental implant as the root and the crown covering your dental implant.
  • Bridge With Implants — To replace several teeth, begin with implants as your base. Adding a bridge fills the void in your smile without the requirement to reshape other teeth to hold up your bridge.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures — Traditional dentures rest over your gums, which means they can move when you eat or talk. With a set of implants, your dentures are secured in place, so they do not slip around.
  • Full-Arch Implants — This innovative technique permits you to obtain implants and a new set of teeth during the same visit. You’ll fix your smile in much less time.
  • Mini Implants — Bone loss in your jaw might require you to get a bone graft before you can receive basic implants. Mini implants can spare you a step. Because they are more compact than other implants, you attain the exact same benefits without a bone graft.

It’s time to restore your smile and your confidence. Call us today at 360-869-0795 to establish an appointment for La Center, WA dental implants with Dr. Aldridge and Dr. Madani at Oasis Dental.